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Frequently Asked Question

Where is GCCA located?

GCCA is located at

925 W Main Street

Albertville, AL 35950


What grades are offered at GCCA?

GCCA offers grades K-12. 

What are the hours of GCCA?

MWF 7:50-12:30

TTH 7:50-2:00

What kind of lunch program do you offer?

Students bring their lunch on days that extend beyond 12:30.  Snacks will be provided daily by GCCA.

Is GCCA accredited by any agency or organization?

No. Accreditation helps determine if an institution meets minimum standards.  We believe our rigorous level of academic standards easily meet the expectations of accrediting organizations.  GCCA is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools.

Do GCCA students receive instruction in art, music and physical education?


What sports are offered by GCCA?

The GCCA Highlanders teams include boys' and girls' basketball plus track and field. These sports are offered for students in grades 7 and higher.  Additional sports will come.


How are discipline issues handled?

Due to the partnership with parents, behavioral issues are expected to be minimal.  Please see the handbook for the policy.


How does GCCA view parental commitment?

GCCA views parental commitment as vital to our mission.


What parental responsibilities are expected by GCCA?

One parent in each family is required to serve the equivalent of two hours per week in support of the school.  


Is GCCA associated with a denomination or area church?

GCCA is a distinctly Christian institution that is committed to educating children with a biblical worldview.  It is a ministry of Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church, but our doctrine is not affiliated with any specific denomination.  GCCA requires that both parents be professing Christians, active in their local churches.


Who makes the governing decisions for GCCA?

The GCCA School Board is responsible for the governing policies of GCCA.  Administration makes day-to-day decisions, guided by the policies set forth by the board and stated in the GCCA handbook. 

 Are all GCCA teachers certified?

All full-time teachers will hold teacher certification from ACSI.  All of our teachers will be specifically trained in classical and Christian education methods and routinely complete continuing education courses.  

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