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Why is GCCA Classical Christian?

In 2022, Grace Classical Christian Academy was founded by a group of like-minded Christian parents determined to obey God's mandate that parents are responsible for educating their children throughout scripture.

Their desire was to find an approach to education that capitalized on each stage of development in order to develop leaders that have a wealth of knowledge, the ability to discern truth, and develop their faith so that upon graduation they are prepared to pursue God's will.

This search led to classical Christian education and they realized they were looking to instill the paideia of God. Once this group discovered the classical model, their eyes were opened to the best way to educate their children.  This model does not intend to prepare children for an occupation, but rather the pursuit of knowledge, learning, wisdom, and virtue.  

To learn more about this mandate and the paideia of God, watch the video below.


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